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DiaCom Corporation Acquires New 3D Optical Profilometer

July 15, 2022

DiaCom Corporation has added a new 3D Keyence Optical VR-6000 Profilometer to its quality control laboratory. The new state-of-the art profilometer can measure profiles, flatness, and roughness in as little as one second with no setup or preparation. The motorized rotation unit enables measurement around the entire circumference of the part and is able to scan both matte and shiny surfaces in as little as one second.

DiaCom Corporation Embarks upon the Largest Expansion in Company history

December 29, 2021

DiaCom Corporation is pleased to announce the largest and most aggressive expansion in our company history. The expansion includes the purchase and installation of 12 brand new molding presses of various sizes and tonnages, multiple trim presses, and several other pieces of new plant equipment. The expansion also doubles the size of our Plant 2 facility. The new equipment, in addition to two new 1200-ton (48"x 48") 150-ton presses installed recently, will put us in the best possible position to facilitate our customers' growing needs moving forward.

DiaCom Corporation has created a new Diaphragm Measurement Guide

August 17, 2021

The Guide will be an invaluable aid to our customers to ensure the same methods used at DiaCom’s Quality Department are used when measuring parts at their facilities. This will help to alleviate discrepancies and greatly increase accuracy.

The Diaphragm Measurement Guide is now available in .PDF format under the Downloads tab.

Rolling Diaphragm Seals Stay Strong Under Pressure

February 27, 2021

When pneumatic or hydraulic pistons repeatedly slide inside of cylinders, they rely on fluid power to transmit force. It’s no secret that the total force couldn’t be transmitted without a tight seal. But rough-and-tumble environments and heavy-duty applications can destroy most seals. And when designs require low friction, high cycling, or high fluid pressure, O-rings or die-cut seals simply don’t hold up. In these situations, rolling diaphragms are often the only option. Unfortunately engineers may not know the advantages of rolling diaphragm seals or be aware of precautions to take when designing hydraulic or pneumatic systems that use them.

DiaCom Bulletin COVID-19 -Update

January 19, 2021

The demand for medical-use oxygen has recently outpaced supply due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. As a result, the need for portable oxygen concentrators is increasing. DiaCom Corporation is currently working with manufacturers of these crucial machines supplying parts to help get them to hospitals, physicians, and patients faster.

DiaCom Corporation has successfully worked along with the manufacturers of medical ventilators, respirators, and other critical medical equipment during the pandemic by expediting orders for parts made specifically for those machines.

Our manufacturing facilities remain open as per government mandate. DiaCom continues to exercise an abundance of caution by taking necessary precautions to ensure our essential workers are safe by following recommended guidelinesto prohibit the spread of the virus.

Once again, we would like to take a moment to salute and thank front-line workers for making personal sacrifices to help those affected by this pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers are with these individuals and those affected by the pandemic.


December 31, 2020

These natural, rubber-based elastomers offer a tough, high resilience, high flex life, low-cost option for applications that are not expected to be exposed to high temperatures or petroleum-based oils. Both compounds utilize the latest technology to use renewable resources and meet international regulations. Both elastomers can be used to mold complex geometry fabric-reinforced diaphragms, including those with metal inserts.

DiaCom Bulletin COVID-19

December 28, 2020

DiaCom Corporation continues to assist the manufacturers of medical ventilators, respirators, and other critical medical equipment during the current COVID 19 pandemic, by expediting orders for parts made specifically for those machines. Our manufacturing facilities remain open and DiaCom is exercising an abundance of care in taking the necessary precautions to ensure our employees are safe by following recommended guidelines to prohibit the spread of the virus.

We would like to take a moment to salute and thank front-line workers for making personal sacrifices to help those affected by this pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and those affected by the pandemic.

DiaCom Commissions New Haas CNC Turning Center with Live Tooling

May 28, 2020

DiaCom Corporation has commissioned a new Haas CNC Turning Center with live tooling at our DiaCom Plant 2. The new Turning Center’s features include: Live Milling Capability, 5,000 RPM Spindle Speed, Live Tool Motor/Live Tool Speeds 5HP / 3,000 RPM, 10 Position Turret, Full C Axis Spindle Rotation

DiaCom Material Bulletin EE-5504

March 5, 2020

DiaCom Corporation has developed a new elastomer compound which can be used for static seals and diaphragms. EE-5504 has outstanding tensile and tear strength and is an excellent choice for use in combustion control, fuel and flow valves, and other applications.

DiaCom Corporation Commissions New Heavy Duty Maching Center

February 16, 2020

DiaCom Corporation has commissioned a new Heavy Duty Takumi VC1052 Machining Center. Located in our recently-opened Plant 2, the newly acquired machining center increases DiaCom’s ability to produce tooling inhouse thereby decreasing lead times.

DiaCom Corporation Commissions New Tensometer

November 26, 2019

DiaCom Corporation has commissioned a new computer– controlled tensometer, greatly increasing our testing capabilities and allowing us to better serve our customers. Located in the Materials Laboratory at our headquarters in Amherst, NH, the USA-made tensometer features the latest software available today.

DiaCom Corporation Announces Plant 2 Expansion in Amherst, NH

April 4, 2019

DiaCom Corporation, a premier manufacturer of innovative and cost-effective industrial molded diaphragms since 1983, is pleased to announce the launch of the planned Plant Two expansion located at 19A Columbia Drive in Amherst, NH. The newly-opened 6,500 ft. second facility will house expanded design, tooling, and milling operations for the company while allowing growth of current manufacturing capabilities at 5 Howe Drive Headquarters in Amherst, NH. The expansion(s) will help to better serve the DiaCom Corporation worldwide customer base.

Extreme Low-Temperature FKM

August 14, 2018

Diacom’s Extreme Low-Temperature FKM is a new FKM material specifically formulated to remain flexible down to -40°F (-40°C). Extreme Low-Temperature FKM was also designed to be a high-duro compound with excellent compression set resistance for use in dynamic and static seals (e.g. diaphragms, o-rings and gaskets).

Value Added Assembly

August 14, 2018

Many of our customers want more than just traditional diaphragms. In response, we have developed expertise in value added assembly work. We assemble diaphragm seals to multiple sub materials such as plastics, metals, PTFE and various other materials. DiaCom has a strong network of approved outsourced suppliers that can produce a variety of components.

UBA-Approved EPDM Elastomer

April 12, 2018

DiaCom Corporation introduces a new EPDM Elastomer developed to meet the various European water regulatory agency requirements for potable water. This newly developed EPDM material has UBA, ACS and WRAS approval. Diacom has the ability to mold with this material in homogenous diaphragms and other seals, fabric reinforced diaphragms both double and single coat and PTFE faced diaphragms.

FFKM - Perfluoroelastomer Diaphragms & Seals

April 4, 2018

DiaCom Corporation is pleased to introduce diaphragms custom manufactured with advanced peroxide-cured perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) into our lineup. These diaphragms and seals are specially formulated for broad chemical resistance in multiple environments requiring flexibility and heat resistance. The compound used has outstanding hot air resistance, improved high temperature compression set resistance, good strength and flexibility, inherent ozone resistance and excellent permeability resistance. Diacom can mold this material with or without fabric reinforcement, and can over-mold it to metal inserts.

More on Perfluoroelastomer Diaphragms...

PTFE-Faced Diaphragms

April 4, 2018

In efforts to manufacture diaphragms which are able to stand up to the most chemically aggressive of environments, DiaCom Corporation has once again innovated a new line of PTFE-faced diaphragms. DiaCom Corporation uses a variety of fluorinated films including PTFE, TFM, PFA, and FEP. These diaphragms are compatible with harsh environments without limiting their life and responsiveness. For additional strength, fabric reinforcement can be added to the PTFE composite. Bonded inserts of stanless steel, brass, plastic, and cold-rolled steel are often incorporated into these diaphragms as well to reduce process and assembly steps and add value.

More on PTFE-Faced Diaphragms...

Dia Tuff - Heavy Duty Diaphragm Seals

January 27, 2017

Dia•Tuff™, a specialty industrial fabric composed of a proprietary high strength yarn, spun from a liquid crystal polymer. This new fabric can be utilized in conjunction with a variety of specialty elastomers that include: HNBR, EPDM, FKMs, Perfluroelastomers, FEPMs, Vamac ®, and Fluorosilicones. Dia•Tuff™ diaphragms are perfect for use in applications which are beyond the capabilities of traditional fabric reinforced diaphragms.

More on Dia Tuff Diaphragm Seals...

Ionic Hybrid Elastomers

December 28, 2016

DiaCom has developed elastomer formulations using Ionic Hybrid Technology in combination with additional compound refinements and enhancements to offer improved flex life. This technology can be utilized in any Diaphragm design and geometry, which include with or without fabric reinforcement, bonded inserts and barrier films. Ionic hybrid cure technology can also be combined with DiaCom’s Fab-Air dispersed fiber.

More on Ionic Hybrid Elastomers...

Elastomeric Diaphragm Seals

February 7, 2016

The DiaCom Proprietary Double-coat process has been developed so the elastomer is not “formed” from calendared sheet stock but is molded from an equal amount of unvulcanized elastomer on each side of the fabric. This eliminates dimensional instability and ensures that the fabric is constantly oriented near the center of the part, which has traditionally been problematic with double coat diaphragms produced from calendared material.

Fab Air Diaphragm

January 14, 2015

Diacom Corporation introduces a new line of specialty diaphragms composed of our Fab-Air Elastomer, which offer the advantages of fabric reinforcement in a homogeneous diaphragm construction.

Chemical Packaging Seals

September 1, 2012

DiaCom has developed an industry-leading packaging liner, composed of fluorinated films with advanced elastomers, that seals air and moisture from sensitive solvents and reagents.

Nano Seals

November 4, 2012

Nano Diaphragms™ have been developed by DiaCom Corporation to meet the ever-increasing demand for effective seals in a wide range of miniaturized applications, from precision instruments and medical devices to aerospace.

Small Engine Carburetor Diaphragms

DiaCom is a leading manufacturer of small engine carburetor diaphragm seals, which are designed specifically for ultra-sensitive and fuel resistant applications.


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Diacom Corporation Strengthens Their R&D Department; Appoints  Derek Sargant, Sr. Materials Engineer

August 17, 2009


Diacom Corporation Strengthens Presence in Asia; Appoints Tom Lonfei, Sales Engineer for China

August 1 2009


DiaCom's Quality System QS9000 principles have been replaced by the IATF to TS16949 Standard

The Quality Management System is based on the International and Technical Standard written by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF).

The Quality Management System is based on using a Process Approach in our activities, recognizing that all our activities are linked together toward a common quality objective: to enhance Customer Satisfaction through an effective application of the Management System, including processes for Continual Improvement of the system and conformity to customer requirements.

A Process Approach emphasizes the importance of -

  • Understanding and meeting requirements
  • The need to consider processes in terms of added value
  • Obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness
  • Continual improvement of processes based on objective measurement

DiaCom is the first U.S. Company in our industry to successfully achieve certification of the ISO/TS16949 Quality System, on October 18, 2004.

DiaCom is pleased to announce the addition of our new European Sales Manager, Steve Marsh

Steve joined the DiaCom team in June 2011 as our European Sales Engineer for the UK. Steve comes to Diacom with a great deal of experience in technical sales and manufacturing and will be managing all of DiaCom’s European operations.

DiaCom European Operations
Phone: +44 (0) 2380 846856
e- mail:

T-Flex ™ Diaphragms

DiaCom has recently introduced diaphragms using a new high strength PTFE material. This new material is specially designed to not thin in formed areas as associated with a standard PTFE material and will outlast a standard PTFE diaphragm in a side by side cycle test by as much as ten times! Please contact us if you would like more information.

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