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Standard Diaphragms

Diaphragm Type P - dish-shaped diaphragm

Type P Diaphragm

This diaphragm type, commonly referred to as dish-shaped, has a sidewall that slopes gradually from the cylinder to the piston.

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Diaphragm Type F - top hat diaphragm

Type F Diaphragm

The Type F is commonly referred to as the “top hat” diaphragm. It exhibits all of the benefits that are associated with rolling diaphragms.

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Diaphragm Type FC - piston and flange molded on same plane

Type FC Diaphragm

In this style of diaphragm, the piston and the flange are molded on the same plane.

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Diaphragm Type D - non-flange molding

Type D Diaphragm

This diaphragm is the same as the Type F in all respects except flange mounting.

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Diaphragm Type DC - hybrid sealing and mounting diaphragm

Type DC Diaphragm

Similar in function to the Type FC diaphragm, while the sealing and hardware designs are the same as the Type D.

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Diaphragm Type O and OA - diaphragm with no flange

Type O and Type OA Diaphragms

The Type O diaphragm has no flange. An O-ring is molded to the bottom of the sidewall. The Type OA diaphragm is second generation to the Type O. It fits into identical hardware.

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Diaphragm Type OB

Type OB Diaphragm

This type of diaphragm has a rectangular bead molded inside the cylinder wall.

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Diaphragm Type I

Type I Rolling Diaphragm

Type I diaphragms are commonly referred to as “Involuted” diaphragms. Type I diaphragms exhibit the benefits associated with rolling diaphragms while combining ease of assembly and allowing a long stroke.

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