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Elastomeric Teflon® Diaphragm

DiaCom has capabilities to design and manufacture composite diaphragms made from TEFLON®/ELASTOMERIC MATERIALS. DiaCom's process bonds TEFLON® to rubber using TEFLON® as thin as 0.002" (0.0508 mm) thick. DiaCom's unique process and construction produce a diaphragm that is compatible with harsh environments without limiting the life and responsiveness of the diaphragm. For additional strength, fabric may be added to the TEFLON®/ELASTOMER composite.

Benefits include:

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Temperature Extremes (-450/400°F, -267/204°C)
  • FDA Approved Materials
  • Low Permeation Rate
  • Low Co-Efficient of Friction



  • Type D diaphragm 1
  • Type D diaphragm 2
  • Type D diaphragm 3
  • Type D diaphragm 4
  • Elastomeric Teflon diaphragm


Elatomeric Teflon Design Diaphragm


Teflon®® is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation



Elastomeric Teflon Diaphragm



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